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We create your dream wall with world class materials.

Iron Mountain Quarry produces the best rock for retaining walls and more.

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Maximize development space without compromising design or aesthetic.

Lock + Load has applications for homeowners, commercial projects and more.

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Stunning outdoor spaces!

Whether you need a staircase, walkway, driveway or more.

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We help you create more usable space.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

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We create the most flat topped rockeries in the Pacific Northwest.

Judson Construction is know for the flat top retaining walls with natural stone.

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Keystone block retaining walls.

There are so many options to choose. Your imagination is the limit.

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We think of everything. Retention, drainage and more.

Creating a stunning outdoor space is only the first part. It has to be functional and last a lifetime.

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Serving homeowners and contractors since 2000.

Talk to us before you build or when you are thinking of a building project. We can help you make the process easier.

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Landscape stone done right.

There is a right way to set landscape stone and a wrong way. Let us help you create that outdoor statement.

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Judson Construction, Inc. has been serving the Pacific Northwest Since 2000. Paul Judson’s team of professionals work in partnership with you to create a stunning outdoor spaces everyone will cherish for decades to come.

Whether you draw from the inspirational beauty of the Pacific Northwest to create the most unique outdoor space in the area. Paul will use his 30 years of design experience and commitment to quality, to make your landscape dreams come true.

Rock Walls

Rock walls serve many purposes for a property. Judson Construction specializes in building custom, high quality rock walls to…

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls require an experienced company to ensure they are installed correctly and will last a lifetime. Judson Construction…

Outcroppings & Staircases

Rock Outcroppings and staircases are a popular landscape feature. Judson Construction has the expertise to install rock outcroppings and…

Lock + Load

Judson Construction has been installing Lock + Load retaining walls since 2018.  Lock + Load has applications for homeowners,…