Complete Satisfaction

I wanted to take a moment and express our satisfaction with the recent project you and your team  completed at our home. A little background to bring even more clarity to this note and the sincerity behind it. My wife and I have owned 11 different homes through the years with modifications or complete ground up builds on all of them. We have dealt with a number of contractors over the years and the greater percentage were not favorable, even with reference verification and explicate detailed plans.

Our most recent undertaking was a specific design idea to better utilize our current property, but with little knowledge of the technique required to maximize the useful area and maintain erosion and stability, we contacted several contractors and was not comfortable with their experience or lack there of. I came across your phone number and decided we would ask you to give us your counsel.

I am happy to say that from our first meeting to evaluate the property and possibilities, it was obvious that you were greatly experienced and capable of walking my wife and I through the options and recommendations. Your estimate was very reasonable and well detailed in explanation of each step. Upon completion, you were exactly where you estimated our costs to be, even with several modifications we agreed upon during the project. Your operators were considerate in communication and work habits and were respectful of our home and answered any and all questions with courtesy. The final result speaks for itself and the area looks like it belongs there. Our neighbor who has done dirt work most of his life has commented on how great it looks. He made a statement that “regardless of how well something is engineered, it is the operator that determines the result”. I would summarize this in two words, “complete satisfaction.”

Please feel free to share this note and my contact information with any prospective customer. It would be an honor to know that we helped someone determine that your company is the best choice based on integrity and customer satisfaction.

Michael B.